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Complete beginner iPhone jail breaking guide

Mazal Tov! You just got an iPhone! You are now ready to enter the apple closed ecosystem and while everything is really shiny and nice you notice a problem, everything is censored, you are limited, Plus you heard about this thing all the cool kids are doing called jailbreaking. This is a guide for the complete beginner I hope to make things easier for you than they were for me when I started out so that you can be tweaking to your hearts desire as soon as possible.

First here are a few recommendations of free apps that are great and free to download from the apple AppStore if you haven’t already downloaded them, it’s easy and simple. Just click on the AppStore icon located in your home screen then click on search and type in the name of the app (application) you are looking for and then click on the button in the top right corner of the screen twice, put in your apple account password, and the app will download and install.

Here a few free cool apps you should check out from the AppStore

High noon

Now on to what you really want:

To jailbreak

Download this (for windows computers)

absinthe windows

Or this (for Mac)

absinthe Mac

Absinthe has been made available by Greenp0isen so make sure to thank them.

Follow the instructions here How to use absinthe.

Once jailbroken your iPhone will have an app called cydia available on its home screen. Cydia is the gateway which you an use to download jailbroken content it’s kind of like the jailbroken AppStore, but its an AppStore that needs to be set up before you can use it.

Good beginners guide if your confused

Once you have opened cydia you will need to add sources in order to download content. Sources are the url’s that point cydia to the locations where you want to download content from.

To add a source you go to cydia ->; manage ->; sources ->; edit (top right corner) ->; add (top left corner)

This is a short not comprehensive list of some sources you should have. Put one address in and hit enter and wait until cydia finishes adding the sources repository (data) and then as the next.

You can find more sources simply by googling “good cydia sources”

Ok now you are all done adding sources you can start downloading applications from cydia by clicking on search in cydia on the bottom next to manage. Here are a few apps you should install

Installous (this an app that will let you download official apple apps that cost money for free)
3g unrestrictor

Note: some of these apps cost money to download the official version so if you don’t want to pay you can download the cracked version from sources like sinful iPhone or others that have a free cracked app available just make sure it’s the most updated version, also keep in mind that these developers do not have much money coming their way so if you can spare a few bucks for them all the better for you.

Once you have installed installous there are a few official apps and games you should download

Asphalt 6
Fruit ninja
Angry birds
Plants vs. zombies
Cut the rope.
Perfect browser or skyfire
Nike+ gps
Battery doctor
Reading trainer
Flight tracker pro

Now have fun you are jailbroken, the sky is the limit, the few apps and sources I mention here should only be your starting point, google away for great iPhone apps and tweaks play around and if you want leave a message with your results and any recommendations you have for me, a fellow iPhone user.